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why us?


Worldwide Sourcing

We are sourcing our products all over the globe and through our carefully chosen business partners we gain access to local markets and deep product knowledge. The close contact to the local markets and the farmers gives us valuable information when sourcing our premium products.


Sustainability is essential for both for nature and the people involved through the whole supply chain. It is therefore important to us to be part of a sustainable development in the region where we source our products. Through our direct communication with both local farmers and producers we are able to influence them with our view on sustainability. This also gives us the opportunity to increase our organic product range in harmony with all stakeholders.

Tailor-Made Products

We offer the service to provide tailor-made botanical extracts to meet the requirements of our customers. Typical requests are to adjust particle size, density and concentration of a particular substance. Due to our tailor-made service we can meet the requested requirements and be part of our customer’s development and innovations.

Reliable Delivery

One of the most important keys to a successful business is a reliable supply chain. Our aim is therefor to build a close relationship with our customer to better understand their needs. Many of our products are stored in warehouses in Germany and Netherlands, which enables us to supply with short lead times. For products which are not stored in European warehouses we keep close contact with our customers and producers to meet the customer’s requirements regarding delivery times.